- external socket made of Pure Copper
- internal socket made of pure copper
- internal insulating material: FEP(red+white)
- external insulating material: PA66(red+white)
- Screw:Brass Nut Cap Chrome Plated
- inner hexagon: brass gold plated
Suitable Max wire:2.7mm
- problem-free by hand using the knurled nut
- for series processing, we recommend the use of (external) circlip pliers
- recommended distance of two socket centers: 17.5mm
Thickness for assembling
Spacer washer1:1mm, PA 6, red or white 
Spacer washer2:2mm, PA 6, red or white
Step washer3:3.5mm, PA 6, red or white
Directional washer :3.17mm, PA 6 red or white
Cabinet Wall:Max 5.5mm
OutCut:OD12mm,square step:1*1.6mm
Connections: Set Screw
Dimensions:OD17mm*Overall Length :36mm