2017HK AV.Head-Fi Show


2017HK AV.Head-Fi Show

International Top Gears Gathering in Hong Kong
Most Sophisticated Technology in one place
2017 Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show
11-13 August, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

The 3-day Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show, the biggest AV show in Asia, will be held on 11-13 August at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Representatives, designers and engineers from different countries will be participating. In addition to top gears high end brand names, the most advanced digital technology and the latest audiophile-grade music software will be shown. There will also be performances and demonstrations on-site. Sure you don’t want to miss the chance!

Most Enjoyable Experience
The vinyl record market is growing by leaps and bounds. With advanced production skills and years of design experience, different turntables, tonearms and cartridges are getting more and more delicate. Items to be shown include : turntables with unique anti-vibrations skills which have adopted the most expensive material and priced over 1 million HK dollars; cartridges with diamond cantilever on natural stones; perfectly designed tonearms for fine calibration; and also the exuberant digital counterparts. Top brands from Korea, United Kingdom, France and different Asian countries will also meet in the Show. High-tech music servers and wireless replay systems are going to dazzle your eyes.

Since the rise of digital music in the high end market, Hong Kong has followed the international trend closely. As AV shows are getting more and more popular, many brand names have chosen Hong Kong for their new product launch. This year, there will be more freshly launched products so Hong Kong audiophiles will experience the performances of these products early at the Show.

As to the personal audio equipment, visitors are welcome to try on the fashioned earphones and HD music player at different dealers’ listening areas. For those who enjoy watching movies, they can join in the most advanced Home Theatre System demonstration; enjoy the life-like pictures of the super HD 4K technology; and experience the surging dynamics and excitement of the 360˚ surround sound.

The 3-level exhibition venue covers more than 10,000 m2. Different brand names and dealers are located in S2 (10 exhibition rooms covering 1,532m2 ); S4 (9 exhibition rooms covering 1,263m2 ) and in Hall 3 (open area covering 8,000 m2 ). In Exhibition Hall 3, there are 27 ‘Audiophile Rooms’ built with special sound-insulating materials, 18’Feature Exhibition Zones’, ‘Audio Equipment, Cables & Accessories Zone’ and ‘Music Software Zone’. Stylish and innovative equipment brings the most enjoyable moments to every visitor.

The “2017 Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show" will open from 10 am to 8 pm on 11th and 12th August, and from 10 am to 6 pm on 13th August. Ticket holders of the day can unlimitedly visit different exhibition zones on the same day.

We will jointly present with Audio Exotics, a system which includes Cessaro speaker from Germany and Trinity electronics also from Germany at Theatre 2, 2/F of the Convention and Exhibition Centre. Artists from both Hong Kong and China will give the most enjoyable performances to our visitors with this system.

We are here :Hall B03